Cheese Sablés Recipe

Cheese Sablés Recipe

These delicious cheese sablés are a delight to bake as they give off a divine aroma. And then, once baked, these cheese biscuits taste amazing. So it's a win-win at all stages of the baking process!

Selecting the best butter and cheeses will make a big difference to the quality of the cheese sablés. Choose extra mature cheddar (ideally up to or over 18 months), creamy Irish butter, and equally mature Parmesan Cheese.

Our tips for baking these cheese sablés

  • Use a rolling pin to roll the mixture to a 2.5mm (⅒-inch) thickness. Here are some tips on rolling and cutting out cheese sablés:
    • Keep your work surface and rolling pin dusted with flour.
    • Between each cheese sablé, rub the cutting edge of your cutter in a little flour.
    • Press firmly when cutting out the cheese sablés. Don't twist the cutter as the shape will get distorted.
    • You can use the scraps to reroll and cut more cheese sablés.
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