Almond & Cocoa Button Cookies Recipe

Almond & Cocoa Button Cookies Recipe

Here's a recipe for delicious homemade cookies that is sure to please everyone. We use ground almonds a lot in our cookie recipes. They add so much flavour and texture. Similar to our other recipes is the inclusion of high-quality Irish butter that imparts a natural sweetness in taste. Your choice of good vanilla and cocoa powder is also important - we mostly use Van Houten cocoa. 

The most important thing is to enjoy the preparation and baking process as a whole! Get the kids involved in the rolling of the dough into dainty balls. Give them the joy of creation and then the transformation into button shape cookies. Such a treat.

Dipping these into a tray of cinnamon sugar is an extra worth doing. Or in any other spice of your choosing. We use white chocolate but you can also melt milk or dark just to add variants.

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