Behind the counter: Urru Culinary Store

Behind the counter: Urru Culinary Store

Our hometown, as you know is Bandon, situated about 30 minutes west of Cork City along the south western flank of Ireland. One of our first customers to stock our biscuits in her store and delicatessen ‘Urru’ was Ruth Healy. Her store is situated on McSwineys Quay and she has endured the many years of hardship retailers have delt with in the town in recent years. Undoubtedly like so many other towns and cities, retailers in the area have been under serious pressure and in Bandon’s case, the flooding of the town in 2009 and subsequent relief works have more or less made the town like a building site ever since. However, with a long history of agricultural commerce and industry, Bandon continues to host thriving commercial enterprises from engineering to retail.

Opened in 2003, the Waterfall native has developed Urru into arguably the ‘go-to’ store for the finest in speciality food and deli produce in county Cork. From fine wines to local and international cheeses, Ruth has perfected the art of food retailing. She has managed to always maintain a freshness in produce alongside tantalising and intriguing pastries and ingredients you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Down through the years, Ruth has provided me with invaluable advice on new products and trends, with an honest feedback of what’s working and what’s not. Her own background in International Marketing and Japanese resonates implicitly in her approach to business. A very high standard of delivery is the hallmark of what she and her store stands for. Situated right on the river bank, yards from the main street, you’ll always find something new and interesting in the store with a keen emphasis on seasonality.


Thankfully with the wonder of modern commerce, it’s now possible to visit Urru online and get a taste of it for yourself. Visit

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